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December 19th Birthday Horoscope MORE BIRTHDAYS If Today is Your Birthday: December 19 The Year Ahead Forecast for.
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A commitment to personal goals marks them as success stories. Their talent may get them in the door, but it's their moxie that keeps them there. December 19 people make friends effortlessly. They can transform a frivolous relationship into a meaningful friendship.

They have something of a reputation for being great lovers. They enjoy playing the field before settling down and usually gravitate toward glamorous types, though they may be somewhat plain. People born on this date believe in maintaining strong family ties. They could hardly be more different in their role as parents than their parents were.

They're inclined to give their children far greater freedom than they were allowed, though their academic expectations are likely to be higher. People born on this date are in tune with the rhythms of their body, so they often subscribe to homeopathic or holistic treatments. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color blue will encourage them to be calmer and more in control of their emotions and lives.

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These people will often choose to share their knowledge with others through writing and teaching, but they may also be drawn to music, acting, the media world, publishing, advertising, the healing professions, and art. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to accept and manage their emotions, even the negative ones.

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Once they are able to loosen up and enjoy their life a little more, their destiny is to enlighten, influence, educate, and enchant others with their emotional honesty. March 13 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Your birthday reveals you to be a multitalented, perceptive,…. March 12 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Congenial and charming, with youthful charisma, you are a…. Birthday Horoscope December Zodiac. By Raquel Salles - 7 years ago.

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December 19 Zodiac: Sagittarius December 19 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of revealing honesty Your greatest challenge is: turning your back on self-pity The way forward is: to understand that feeling sorry for yourself will bring absolutely nothing positive into your life, just the pity of those whose admiration you seek. December 19 Zodiac Compatibility: July 23 to August 22 You are exuberant and daring characters, and if you share the limelight this can be a fulfilling and exciting relationship.

December 19 Zodiac Luck maker: Power is in your thoughts Let go of negative thoughts and difficulties in your past.

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On The Dark Size Negative, depressed, perplexing At your best Courageous, honest, expressive December 19 Zodiac Love: Expressive and open People born on December 19 Zodiac love to flirt, and others are instantly drawn to their expressive and open personality. December 19 Zodiac Health: Calm and in control The biggest threat to the health and well-being of people born on this day is their tendency to indulge in negative feelings.

December 19 Zodiac Career: Born performers These people will often choose to share their knowledge with others through writing and teaching, but they may also be drawn to music, acting, the media world, publishing, advertising, the healing professions, and art.

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Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements fire, earth, air, and water. So, four elements and three qualities make twelve possible combinations — the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. That corresponds approximately to the dates December December If you were born on December But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are.

So, If you were born on November 22ndrd or December 21stnd, please check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator see the link below , or get your complete horoscope chart, to be sure of your star sign.

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Click the header to get there. Here are all the twelve Zodiac signs and their dates of birth, i. For more about the dates for a specific Zodiac sign, please click the link. Sun sign dates: March 21 — April Aries Dates. English name: The Bull.

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Taurus Dates. English name: The Twins.

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Gemini Dates. English name: The Crab.

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Cancer Dates. English name: The Lion.

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Sun sign dates: July 23 — August Leo Dates. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. Sun sign dates: August 23 — September Virgo Dates.